Pt. Hueneme, California 1963-64

We moved to a duplex not far from the port where Richard found work as a design engineer for the Navy. Meg was crawling by then and I soon learned I couldn't keep my large potted plant. She would pull herself up on the side of the plant and eat the soil. We purchased a new dining room set that matched the Danish Modern style of our other furniture and invited some of Richard's colleagues to our home for dinner. I decided to roast a leg of lamb, but Richard wasn't sure about my choice. Several of the people he had invited were Chinese and he thought they would prefer a more traditional Chinese meal. I had already purchased the lamb and I didn't think it would be suitable for stir-fry. Years of apprenticeship to my grandmother had made me a good cook. When I served the dinner, Richard's worries proved unfounded. The guests all complimented me on the excellent meal, but more than words, their appetites proved their acceptance. There were no leftovers when we finished eating.

We attended the Oxnard Ward and became involved in 'Young Married' activities. I was called to be a counselor in the young women's organization for teenage girls. One of Richard's colleagues had moved from South Dakota to take a position with the Navy. His wife was unable to find friends to fill her empty days and soon the man resigned his position and returned to his hometown where his wife had relatives and friends. As member of the LDS church I had already experienced the support of my new ward. Over the following years as we moved from east to west and back again I always found companionship and friendship in a local congregation as well as a program of instruction and meetings that was organized centrally and varied little with change of location or even language.

We heard that Donna, my husband's sister, had become engaged and planned to marry in Los Angeles where her fiance had a number of friends. We drove to LA with Meg and spent the day helping Donna find a dress, attending the short ceremony in the LA County courthouse and attending a party to honor the newlyweds.

I was aware that most of the other guests were drinking fairly heavily and I got a nice big glass full of water from the kitchen sink. I placed it near at hand on a coffee table and turned to speak to one of the other guests. I turned back and picked up the glass full of clear liquid near my knee and took a long swallow. Fire filled my throat and I jumped up and rushed to the sink where I coughed and spit and tried to expel every drop of whatever poison was burning my gullet. I learned that the young man sitting at my left was drinking straight up vodka and I had taken his glass by mistake. We also spent a day visiting my cousin in Monterey Park who had given us a place to stay while we were waiting to get married. Now and then we made a trip to the LA Temple.

After living in the duplex in Port Hueneme for several months Richard began to realize the value of purchasing a home that would gain in value over the years. We began to look for a home to purchase. We found a rambler in nearby Oxnard and we moved in March about a year after Meg was born. This would be our third home in less than a year and the fourth since we had married three nearly years before.