Richard H Chiu Biography

Chapter 10 Ships Come In

The dairy farm that Richard purchased in 1969 had been a scene of adventure for a few brief months until the herd was sold and the Chius moved back east. The land had been rented for more than thirty years, but the final renter had ruined the little house with neglect and OCD. The land itself was still rented, but as population in the Lehi area began to swell, congesting the only road that led from west to east north of Utah Lake, Richard received compensation from the state for a right-of-way through the property in order for a road to be built that connected I-15 with Saratoga Springs. Richard had acquired many houses and properties through the years, but none of them were more than moderately attractive or valuable. With home prices falling and the need to reinvest his gains in property, he found a mansion in Virginia to invest in.

He had traveled far from the small fishing village of his early youth. He has achieved much more than he ever might have dreamed as a child who looked toward the wide coast of Shao Ao and wondered what lay beyond the sea.